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Ollie's Queens

The Het and Gen Fandom Comm For Oliver Queen

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oliver het pairings

emerald_arrows- Green Arrow fan community
chlollie- Oliver/Chloe community
kara_oliver- Oliver/Kara community
teamarrow- Oliver/Dinah community
tess_ollie- Oliver/Tess community
oliver_zatanna- Oliver/Zatanna community
oliverxmia- Oliver/Mia community
chloe_otp- Chloe Sullivan pairing community
sv_multishipprs- Smallville pairing community
sv100- Smallville Drabble Challenge community
chlod- Chloe/Zod community
chloe_ac- Chloe/AC community
smallville_jsa- JSA community
sv_dcu- Smallville/DCU community
sv_f4- Smallville/Fantastic 4 community
sv_heroes- Smallville/Heroes community
sv_xm- Smallville/X-Men community
sv_spiderman- Smallville/Spider-Man community
sv_twilight- Smallville/Twilight community
sv_roswell- Smallville/Roswell community
hp_sv- Harry Potter/Smallville community
sv_transformers- Smallville/Transformers community
charmed_sv- Smallville/Charmed community

Other LJ communities of interest for Oliver fans:
smallville- Smallville general community
unforeseen_love- A Clark Kent/Oliver Queen community
ollieville- Accepts all Ollie-Slash fic
smallville_ot3- For the Clark/Lois/Oliver ship and variations of it.

If you have a question about whether the content you wish to post is on-topic for this community, please contact the mods before posting : svgurl, enderwiggin24, flareonfury and justforspite

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